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When War Comes to a Gallery - Room 100 Gallery

In this exhibit, artist Sarah Dale displays select images from her Instagram project: @whenwarcomeshome.

CALL FOR ART: 2018 Exhibition Proposals for Room 100 Gallery and SunTrust Gallery

The Durham Art Guild is seeking exhibition proposals for our 2018 Exhibit Season. DAG reserves Room 100 Gallery solo exhibits and SunTrust Gallery solo/group exhibits for DAG member artists.  The opportunity to exhibit in these prominent public spaces is one of the greatest benefits of being a member of DAG.

Not yet a member? Not quite sure?

Photographs by Henry Greene, Marilyn Telen and Yousuf Zafar - SunTrust Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents "Photographs by Henry Greene, Marilyn Telen and Yousuf Zafar," all members of DAG, featuring images from their individual travels and experiences.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Creative Mentors for 2018 Creative Mentorship Program

Inspire the next generation of creative thinkers, makers and leaders!

Call for 2018 Creative Mentors

Rubber Creatures From Outer Space - Room 100 Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents "Rubber Creatures From Outer Space" featuring wearable art created from recycled inner tubes by Tom Buhrman.



The Durham Art Guild will be hosting another exciting 11 hour Art-A-Thon this year in SunTrust Gallery during the Durham Arts Council's Holiday Market Art Walk

November 18th from 10am-5pm
November 19th from 1-5pm

Legal Aspects of Art: Estate Planning for Artists and Collectors and Copyright Law

If you're an artist and/or art collector interested in learning more about Intellectual Property and Estate Planning, this event is for you! Join us for a night of legal insight from Attorneys Mavis Gragg and Vedia Jones-Richardson as they present on copyright law and managing an artist's estate.

Your Own Worst Enemy: Overcoming Anxiety in Selling Art (Sep. 10th workshop)

If you're an artist who loves selling your work - but hates asking for money - you are not alone! Most artists and other entrepreneurs get butterflies when it comes to actually putting a price on their work and asking to be paid.

Stars Come Up Spinning, Bewildered In Love... - Room 100 Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents "Stars Come Up Spinning, Bewildered In Love..." featuring new installation work by DAG member artist Virginia Tyler. The works in this exhibition were created in collaboration with Joseph Agyemang, Paul Amponsah, and the Metal Casters of Krofofrom as part of Ms. Tylers studies and travels in Ghana, West Africa.

63rd Annual Juried Exhibition - SunTrust Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents the 63rd Annual Juried Exhibition featuring a diverse mix of 85 works of art created by 73 regional artists in SunTrust Gallery.

This year's exhibition artwork was juried and selected by Alexys J. Taylor, Collections and Exhibitions Manager at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture in Charlotte, NC.

This is the Guild's largest and most impressive exhibition of the year and it will be on view in SunTrust Gallery August 18 - October 14, 2017.

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