The Durham Art Guild is a nonprofit member-driven visual arts organization established in 1948. For over seven decades we have supported local artists and advocated for the arts in our region. The Guild’s mission is to enrich and connect our communities by creating opportunities and providing leadership for current and future visual artists and art enthusiasts.


The Durham Art Guild is one of the oldest visual arts organizations in North Carolina and among the five oldest in the entire country. It was from the strength of the Guild's original organization that the Durham Arts Council (DAC) was created 7 years later. DAC expanded its focus to include performing arts as well. The two organizations function separately but have maintained a cooperative relationship that has encouraged citizens, businesses and artists to develop and support a major arts center in the city of Durham.


Katie Seiz

Katie Seiz

Executive Director

gallerydirector@durhamartguild.org | 919 560 2713

    Chellie LaPointe

    Chellie LaPointe

    Education and Outreach Coordinator

    outreach@durhamartguild.org | (919) 972-8920

      2018-2019 Board of Directors

      Natasha Walker (Chair), Eric Richardson (Vice-Chair), Nelle Dunlap (Secretary), Cathy Feiler (Treasurer),
      Dave Alsobrooks, Frank Myers, Muriel Tissonnier, Nadjib Assani, Whitney Stanley, William Paul Thomas, Chris Charles, Jessica Sheppard