Artistic Connections and Expressions @ Triangle Community Foundation (ONLINE)

The Triangle Community Foundation and the Durham Art Guild present “Artistic Connections and Expressions” featuring new works by Triangle-based artist José Manuel Cruz. José’s work is also being featured as part of the 8th Annual El Quixote Festival – Voces – Voices del Caribe.

This exhibition is on view virtually at the Triangle Community Foundation’s website October 14, 2022 – April 14, 2022 (and beyond).


José Manuel Cruz’s Website:

José Manuel Cruz’s Instagram: @cruzwearstudios1 

Fetisha by José Manuel Cruz



“I believe that my work embodies my urban culture with a splash of reality and the opportunity for me to explore the canvas and the materials I use. My Artistic Connections and Extensions exhibit allows me to explore those avenues and take it a step further in the freedoms I have to express myself as the artist that I AM.”

– José Manuel Cruz

The Triangle Community Artists’ Gallery, housed within the Triangle Community Foundation’s office space at the Frontier in partnership with the Durham Art Guild (DAG), hosts artwork from local artists for periods of six months at a time. All artists in the gallery are chosen by a jury panel of fundholders and donors with an interest in the arts. The art on display, unless marked, is available for purchase. We are proud of this partnership with DAG, our jury of community leaders and arts-minded fund-holders, and the artists we have the great pleasure of showcasing each cycle. During the pandemic, we have switched this gallery to a virtual format as a way to still share local art and support local artists!