They Can Be Both @ Truist Gallery (formerly SunTrust Gallery)

Front images: Left: “Golden Hour” by Natalia Torres del Valle;
Center: “Curiosity” by Kelly Sheppard Murray; Right: “Branch and Cloud” by Jean Gray Mohs

The Durham Art Guild presents: They Can Be Both, featuring works by Kelly Sheppard Murray, Jean Gray Mohs, and Natalia Torres del Valle. The exhibit is on display from August 12 – October 8, 2022.

They Can Be Both articulates the lineage of small acts over time. “In our works, we have each embraced nuances and irregularities and recognize how this is a metaphor for life where one is continually reconstructing and embracing the unknown, uncontrollable, and often discarded or overlooked. Through our objects and mark-making, we break out of traditional painting or sculpture techniques to create works that are both painting and sculpture. This also seems an interesting parallel to how our life is also blurring the boundaries between our roles as artists and mothers. Our processes are a direct reaction to our lives as we work with circumstances, limitations, and opportunities that we are afforded.” 


August 19 and September 16 from 6-8pm at Truist Gallery

Join us for an artist talk September 16 starting at 6:30pm!