The Artist is Having a Good Day @ Triangle Community Foundation (ONLINE)

The Triangle Community Foundation and the Durham Art Guild present “The Artist is Having a Good Day” featuring new works by Triangle-based artist King Nobuyoshi Godwin.

This exhibition is on view virtually at the Triangle Community Foundation’s website April, 2022 – September, 2022 (and beyond).


King Nobuyoshi Godwin’s Website:

King Nobuyoshi Godwin’s Instagram: @kinggodwinart 

The fish is having a great day because they are with great friends to swim with “57” by King Nobuyoshi Godwin


My name is Nobuyoshi Godwin I have autism. Being autistic is okay. I can see trees in my minds and talk with them. Its Blue and it it is 10. when I paint, I feel good because it is my job, and I am proud of it.

I think people enjoy and think my painting is good. I like drawing animals. They are sweet. that is 4400 and purple.

If I sell my paintings I can buy more paint colors. and that is purple and is 4400.

The Triangle Community Artists’ Gallery, housed within the Triangle Community Foundation’s office space at the Frontier in partnership with the Durham Art Guild (DAG), hosts artwork from local artists for periods of six months at a time. All artists in the gallery are chosen by a jury panel of fundholders and donors with an interest in the arts. The art on display, unless marked, is available for purchase. We are proud of this partnership with DAG, our jury of community leaders and arts-minded fund-holders, and the artists we have the great pleasure of showcasing each cycle. During the pandemic, we have switched this gallery to a virtual format as a way to still share local art and support local artists!