Folded Poetry @ Triangle Community Foundation (ONLINE)

The Triangle Community Foundation and the Durham Art Guild present “Folded Poetry” featuring new works by Triangle-based artist Eliza Redmann.

This exhibition is on view virtually at the Triangle Community Foundation’s website September, 2021 – February, 2022 (and beyond).


Folded Poetry Website:

Folded Poetry Instagram: @folded_poetry 


Join us online for a presentation with local artist Eliza Redmann exploring and discussing her current exhibit.

Wednesday, December 15 from 7-8pm. Free and open to the public.  
IF YOU MISSED IT: LINK HERE to the recording.

***BONUS: All attendees of the artist talk will have a chance to win a drawing for a brand new small piece of original artwork by Eliza Redmann! Must be present to win!


Through this work, I offer my community a story of resiliency. When a car accident upended my health, personal life, and career as an architect, I was forced to reinvent myself. I found a way to utilize my creative potential for healing through art.

This work is inspired by the persistent visual disturbances caused by my traumatic brain injury. Often when I look at patterns, they appear to swim or move on their own accord, much like an optical illusion. Through this work I seek to capture the structure of regular patterns and shapes while adding a layer of geometric information which the eyes and brain can’t quite make sense of. In representing the symptoms of my traumatic brain injury visually, I challenge viewers to perceive outside of what is normal or traditional, just as I must now live, adapt, and navigate the world in new ways.

Using 3D modeling software, I design the entire work of art in a digital space before ‘unfoldingʼ it piece by piece. I flatten each entity to be printed, cut, and folded – born into its physical form. I use simple materials – cardstock paper, foam board, and Elmer’s glue. I selectively use color to enhance the geometry, focusing primarily on line and shadow.

My hope is that my art resonates with community members by demonstrating that no matter how dire the circumstances, hope is available to each of us to transform our lives for the better.

The Triangle Community Artists’ Gallery, housed within the Triangle Community Foundation’s office space at the Frontier in partnership with the Durham Art Guild (DAG), hosts artwork from local artists for periods of six months at a time. All artists in the gallery are chosen by a jury panel of fundholders and donors with an interest in the arts. The art on display, unless marked, is available for purchase. We are proud of this partnership with DAG, our jury of community leaders and arts-minded fundholders, and the artists we have the great pleasure of showcasing each cycle. During the pandemic, we have switched this gallery to a virtual format as a way to still share local art and support local artists!