“Material and Embodiment” @ SunTrust Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents “Material and Embodiment” featuring new works by DAG member artists BR Goldstein and Tina Marcus at DAG’s SunTrust Gallery June 18 – August 20, 2021.

Third Friday Durham Receptions:
June 18, July 16, and August 20 from 6-8pm

How will Third Friday work at the Durham Art Guild SunTrust Gallery in the Durham Arts Council building?
  • There is space to mingle outdoors on the patio of the Durham Arts Council building. Masks aren’t required outside but social distancing is encouraged.

  • Up to 25 people can be in the building at a time to view the exhibits on the first floor. DAC requires a touch-less thermometer read prior to entering the building. Masks and social distancing are required indoors.

Beyond Third Friday Durham receptions, this exhibition is viewable by appointment with advanced registration. To review the Durham Arts Council building’s safety guidelines and to make an appointment CLICK HERE. If you visit the building, you will also have a chance to view the “Our House” student exhibition in the Durham Arts Council’s Allenton Gallery.

“In the past I have thought of my work as a form of landscape, while that initial idea has shifted and grown, it still rings true. Landscape in my mind is an all-encompassing thing that includes visual markers, aesthetics, histories that have soaked into the earth and political climates and currents. I am very sensitive to my surroundings: seeing evidence of how it has evolved, taking note of the people, feeling the energies that inhabit it, and being present to observe—all have an impact on what I produce.”       
– BR Goldstein

“My works are soul-selfies.  Whereas most people today are taking pictures of themselves with their phones, I am painting snapshots of personal defining moments.  My mixed-media assemblages are my selfies— focusing on the human figure exploring conditions and circumstances with themes revolving around aging, solitude, isolation, and ambiguity.”
– Tina Marcus

SunTrust Gallery
Durham Arts Council building
120 Morris St. in Durham