The Triangle Community Foundation and the Durham Art Guild present “PURE LUXURY/QUARANTINE EDITION” featuring new works by Triangle-based artist Jermaine “JP” Powell.

This exhibition is on view virtually at the Triangle Community Foundation’s website March – July, 2021.

To view JP’s virtual exhibit: LINK HERE

JP’s Website: jermainepowell.com

Join us online for a presentation with local artist Jermaine “JP” Powell exploring and discussing his current exhibit.

Wednesday, April 14 from 7-8pm. To RSVP for the Zoom details LINK HERE.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the limited
social interations between people in our local communities
has drastically affected the way I communicate with the
world and also the way I create within it.

I am often asked, “JP, how have you created differently
during the Covid-19 pandemic? Have you grown as an artist
or suffered creatively? What’s it like to be an artist during the
pandemic? How are the new images different from your
previous signature works?”

My paintings, both hand painted and digital, in this exhibition
explores the subject of my personal art making experience
during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic during quarantine.
Many of these paintings were made digitally using a digital
drawing tablet, iphone and/or computer. They explore
human relationships and materialism.

Some of these unique “paintings” were made while sitting on
the beautiful shores of local North Carolina beaches. Some
of these paintings were created in and on top of local North
Carolina mountain ranges. Some were even made at my
local coffee shop up the street or at home while lounging on
the sofa.

The Pure Luxury Quarantine Exhibition is my personal,
creative exercise that examines the process that helped me
ultimately gain a multitude of communication and technical
skills. I have a new creative flexibility while also examining
our current human condition.

The Triangle Community Artists’ Gallery, housed within the Triangle Community Foundation’s office space at the Frontier in partnership with the Durham Art Guild (DAG), hosts artwork from local artists for periods of six months at a time. All artists in the gallery are chosen by a jury panel of fundholders and donors with an interest in the arts. The art on display, unless marked, is available for purchase. We are proud of this partnership with DAG, our jury of community leaders and arts-minded fundholders, and the artists we have the great pleasure of showcasing each cycle. During the pandemic, we have switched this gallery to a virtual format as a way to still share local art and support local artists!