Sustain and expand creative enrichment in our community! DAG launches a new Sustainer Giving Program

  • Posted on August 21, 2020

  • News

$5/month + Cool perks = Creative Joy for Many!

These convenient, ongoing monthly contributions will allow DAG to sustain and expand our work supporting local artists while enriching and connecting our community through art. If you have the means right now, please consider giving to DAG at $5 a month (or whatever amount works for you). You can choose monthly contributions or make a lump sum donation. Do you know someone else that believes the arts ecosystem is vital for a healthy community? Please spread the word!

For more details on the levels and perks and to become a sustainer CLICK HERE.

There are weekly giveaways during the August sustainer drive and DAG is also pledging $1 per sustainer this month to the Durham Artist Relief Fund.