Compose and Materialize @ SunTrust Gallery

The Durham Art Guild presents “Compose and Materialize” featuring new works by DAG member artists Susan Finer, Catherine Kramer, Rosalie Midyette and Sudie Rakusin. Come see how each of these artists utilizes composition and different materials in their creations.

This exhibition is on view in SunTrust Gallery January 10 – March 7, 2020. Join us for public 3rd Friday Durham receptions January 17 and February 21 from 6-8pm.

Susan Finer:
Catherine Kramer:
Rosalie Midyette:
Sudie Rakusin:

Durham Art Guild’s SunTrust Gallery
Durham Arts Council building
120 Morris St.
Durham, NC 27701
Mon. – Sat. 9am – 9pm
Sun. 1-6pm

Featured images: Left, #892 by Catherine Kramer; left center, Ecliptic No. 11 by Sudie Rakusin; right center, Coil by Rosalie Midyette; right, Flow Chart 1 by Susan Finer.